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We can pick up bloodwork, specimens and other test samples from clinics, Dr. Offices, Hospitals and get them to the laboratories to ensure sample integrity. The samples will be stored in safe, temperature appropriate coolers as per the sample requirement.

It is essential that patients have their prescriptions/medications delivered directly to them while maintaining proper chain of custody.  This is very beneficial for patients who have pre-existing conditions or want to minimize risk.

We can get your medical equipment and surgical supplies delivered quickly.  Equipment and supplies will be secured properly in one of our vehicles. Equipment will be handled with fragility and sensitivity to its calibration.  


About Us

Rapid Courier Services is a San Diego-based courier company specializing in time-sensitive medical deliveries. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we offer a range of service levels, including same-day deliveries and stat options, ensuring prompt transportation of medical supplies, samples, and documents. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the medical field, as we aspire to expand our services and cater to various delivery needs. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and a reputation for swift and secure deliveries, Rapid Courier Services stands as a trusted partner in the transportation industry.


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